Sunday, July 5, 2009

Light Bearer

I am working on the mold for this statue. The pictures show it covered with 7 layers of silicone rubber already.

I am going write a brief description of the statue to make a case of its symbolic value

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hard work molding

I am still to adjust a style for molding my sculptures. A sculpture made of Chavant Clay is not hard enough to expose it to the public and not a finished work by any means. It takes therefor to make a mold, even a temporary one, to cast its form into something that lasts more such as plaster or metals. So far I have tried with silicone and latex rubbers for the soft mold and plaster or PVC for mother molds (outer shell) to get a mold. That method works fine with small sculptures but with my standing stallion its very difficult.
It all comes done to planning for the final cast. For plaster as final cast, the entire mold has to be lightweight and also made of two parts since plaster cures quite fast. Depending on the mixing ratio with water, plaster can cure as fast as 5 to 10 minutes so you want the mold to be easy to shake and also robust enough to get the cast fill the entire volume well and also take the shape of the initial sculpture.
I've learned the hard way a technique to build a large mold by brushing on the silicone rubber onto to original work, 10 to 20 layers, and then to make the mother mold by casting plaster around in two sections within a molding box. This way I get a molding tool that allows me to cast the sculpture in turf plaster in two steps with a glorious end result

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The standing horse

It was a few month ago when I discovered that I can do sculptures. Since I've tried a few models playing with plasteline, clay, and plaster
For long I've been wanting to have a standing horse sculpture on one of my shelves so it was an easy choice for my first work. But I am a Gemeni looking at two horizons like Janus. One is the real world sculpture, the one that's build touching the matter

The other is the the computer model , that you can see but not touch